Tickets for the 2nd annual New  Orleans Actors Resource Center (NOARC)  are now on sale. The one-day  event will take place on DECEMBER 11, 2010 from 9:30 A.M. TO 4:30 P.M.


The Louisiana Actors Expo was created to give new actors the  information they need to start their acting careers and seasoned actors  information to advance their careers. “The Louisiana film industry is  growing steadily. We are third behind Los Angeles and New York in  production, so the opportunities for actors are here,” says Chris  Stelly, Director of Film and Television for the Louisiana Office of  Entertainment Industry Development. “To sustain this, Louisiana  Entertainment is focused on cultivating our intellectual  infrastructure,  our creative talent, across all sectors of the entertainment industry.

By bringing together casting directors, talent agents, directors,  producers, writers and other film industry professionals, all of whom  are invested in actors in our region, NOARC’s Louisiana Actors Expo  supports this mission. It provides an exciting opportunity for actors  of  all ages to learn what they need to know to start and nurture a career  in the film industry.”



Anne Massey [5], Anne Massey Casting

Hank Langlois [6], Caballero Casting

Lisa Marie Dupree [7], Films In Motion

Ryan Glorioso [8], Glorioso Casting

Tracy Kilpatrick [9], The Casting Office


Carol Bloodworth, Fruition Talent

Dawn Landrum [10], Landrum Arts

Erin Guidry [11], Trinity Talent

Ken del Corral, del Corral Talent and SAM Agency  Lawrence Turner, del Corral Talent  Lee MacKenzie [12], fameagency  Liz Atherton [13], TAG Talent  Rebecca Hale [14], Hale Talent  Tabitha Bryant Huffman [15], Trinity Talent  Tommye Myrick, Proclaim Talent Agency


Chris Stelly [16], Director of Film and Television, Louisiana Office of  Entertainment Industry Development  Diana Boylston [17], Regional Representative, AFTRA  Eric Thompson [18], Vice President, Twentieth Century Fox  Indigo [19], Actor, Showtime’s _Weeds_  Jason Hewitt [20], Director/Producer/CEO, Films In Motion  Jason Tomlinson [21], Regional Representative, Screen Actors Guild  Katherine Brooks [22], Writer/Director, _Loving Annabelle_  Leslie Creppel [23], CEO, Cast Our Kids  Lolis E. Elie [24], Writer, HBOs _Treme_

[25]Matthew Dickens [26], Writer/Director/Producer, _The War Zone_  Reed Daigle [27], Director and 2010 winner of the New Orleans 48 Hour  Film Project  Steve Esteb [28], Director, _Dirty Politics_  Wayne Douglas Morgan [29], Actor/Producer/Independent Filmmaker,  Upperline Entertainment


Casey Groves

Dean West

Garrett Prejean

Jennifer Schemke

Lance Nichols

Veleka Gray

In addition, there will be a special presentation room where the  founders of two companies that provide actors with tools to efficiently  and successfully manage their careers will demonstrate their online  services. Gary Marsh, founder and CEO of Actors Access/Breakdown  Services, the most widely used online casting portal, and Brian  Vermeire, co-founder and CEO of Holdon Log and Kristina Hughes,  co-founder and COO of Holdon Log, the developers of PerformerTrack, the  standard career management tool for performers, will show actors how to  use their online services to manage their acting career.

Due to the demand from actors, parents of aspiring child actors and  industry professionals, the 2010 Louisiana Actors Expo will launch  three  new features: child actor panels, casting sessions and agent meetings.

In addition to the adult actor panel discussions, Q & A sessions and  film industry vendors featured last year, these new components will  give  actors of all ages the opportunity to learn inside information about  the  film industry.

“As a parent, I understand wanting to give your children the tools they  need to succeed,” says Shanda Quintal, Executive Director of the New  Orleans Actors Resource Center. “And in the film industry, because a  child actor’s parent is the de facto manager, the parent and the child  must work as a team in order to succeed.”

The Expo’s child actor panels will focus on children ages 8 to 14  interested in starting an acting career in the Louisiana film industry.

Agents and casting directors will discuss important topics that every  actor of any age needs to know if they are considering working in the  industry. “There are an amazing amount of films being shot in  Louisiana,” says Quintal. “However, there are a limited number of roles  for children in the Louisiana film industry. But for dedicated children  and supportive parents, the Louisiana Actors Expo will provide the  cold,  hard facts both need for a child to reach their goals of becoming a  professional actor. Information and dedication are key.”

Topics for the child actor panel will include:

* Headshots and Resumes

* Getting An Agent

* Audition Etiquette

* Self-taping for Submissions

* The Casting Process

NOARC’s 2010 Louisiana Actors Expo will again offer the adult actor  panels introduced at last year’s inaugural expo where actors of all  levels, from aspiring to advanced, can learn something new. Topics for  the adult actors panels will include:

* Getting an Agent

* Developing and Maintaining a Working Relationship With Your Agent

* Getting the Callback

* Working in Independent Film

* Managing a Business: Your Acting Career

Casting sessions are for actors with representation (an agent) who are  interested in performing a “cold-reading” audition for two prominent  Louisiana casting directors. For those new to the industry, this is a  unique opportunity to be seen by professionals in the position to get  actors the jobs they want. Actors must come prepared with a headshot  and  resume.

Agent meetings are a new feature designed for actors seeking  representation (i.e., looking for an agent). During the meeting, actors  can interview with two Louisiana agents who are actively seeking new  talent to represent. Actors must come prepared with a headshot and  resume, and two monologues–one dramatic, one comedic. There are only a  few slots available for both the casting sessions and the agent  meetings.

GENERAL ADMISSION TO THE LOUISIANA ACTORS EXPO IS $50 PER PERSON IN  ADVANCE. PARENTS OR ADULT GUARDIANS OF ATTENDEES BETWEEN THE AGES OF 8  AND 14 MUST ALSO PURCHASE A TICKET. Casting session and agent meeting  tickets are $25 each and must be purchased separately. Limited slots  are  available. TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW. TO REGISTER AND PURCHASE TICKETS GO  TO .  Tickets also will be available at the door the day of the event  for $60 per person.

_About NOARC_

The New Orleans Actors Resource Center (NOARC) is a non-profit  organization dedicated to the advancement, exposure and ongoing  education of actors of all levels in the New Orleans Metropolitan area,  enhancing the good of the community through the dramatic arts. NOARC is  comprised of four programs: The Actors’ Co-Op, which meets monthly and  provides assistance with skills development and career advancement; The  Workshop Series; and two other projects which are in development, an  Actors’ Library and Acting Classes. Learn more about NOARC at