Everyone wants luscious lashes…but not everyone is born with them! So how do you get them?

Eyelashes are merely a fringe of hair that lines each eyelid, upper and lower. Some of us are blessed with luscious lashes at birth. However, there are those of us that dream of luscious lashes. The question is, how do we get them? We refer to eyes as the windows of the soul. If the eyes are the windows, then the lashes are the window dressing. Mascara merely coats the lashes and is difficult to remove. It also carries hidden dangers: staph bacteria can be transferred from the user’s eyes to the mascara tube, and it contains numerous toxic chemicals that can impede the user’s health, some of which are cancer causing agents. At the very least, our eyes become susceptible to eye infections from wearing mascara.

eyelash extensions

One alternative to wearing mascara is to have eyelash extensions applied to the natural lashes.

Lash extensions are individual lashes that are professionally applied one at a time. Since these semi-permanent extensions are directly applied to the natural lashes, they remain in place until the lash naturally falls out. Lash strips can be applied at home and are taken off at the end of the night. They are applied to the edge of the lid, making them easy to remove and an inexpensive alternative to wearing mascara. However, the glue used to apply lash strips can cause eye irritation and can be caustic. When wearing lash extensions, they form a natural line at the eyelid, alleviating the need for eyeliner. In order to minimize the risk of transmitting disease while applying lash extensions, ensure your tech washes their hands frequently, wears a mask because of their close proximity to your face, uses a fresh disposable pillow cover, sterilizes their equipment, and uses a fresh disposable eyelash brush. Although this process is time consuming and somewhat costly, the end results justify the means.

You’ll have the luscious lashes of your dreams… and they’re better to seduce with!

Earthsavers can give you the luscious lashes you desire.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can extend your lashes, keep it local at Earthsavers. They have a highly trained lash expert who will provide the excellent service you have come to expect from Earthsavers. Earthsavers has 3 locations: Uptown, in Metairie, and Mandeville. Our Uptown location is at 5501 Magazine Street, and reservations can be made at (504) 899-8555. Reservations for the Metairie location can be made by calling (504) 835-0225, and is located at Lakeside Shopping Center on the corner of Severn Avenue and 17th Street. On the Northshore, the Mandeville location is 3414 Highway 190 and reservations can be made by calling (985) 674-1133.

Beauty is in the details!