Creole Connections: Where NOLA Meets Brazil

Don’t miss the kick off event for the Creole Connections cultural exchange program with Brazil on July 27. Papa Don Vappie will present an “informance” and Brazilian jazz vocalist Anaadi Noturno will perform as a guest artist. Visit for more information.  Purchase your tickets here. All proceeds benefit Creole Connections.

Some Background

Professor Cristina Miranda of the University of Maranhao in  Sao Luis, Brazil and Dr. Edward Anderson initiated a cultural exchange to explore and celebrate the important narrative of the African diaspora. We have successfully presented jazz performances, lectures, and workshops in several Brazilian and U.S. cities. We believe these initial efforts represent fertile seeds towards the development of larger permanent projects focusing on artistic exchange and economic empowerment for the creators of the great parallel cultural traditions of our countries.

Our mission is to Create an exchange program between our Brazil and U.S. partnering educational institutions that allow students and professors the opportunity to participate in culturally rich, safe, and recurring immersion based music education experiences.

Create an internet based network between partnering institutions for the purposes of online instruction, bridging our creative online communities through social media, and addressing the present and future of the global market place.

In addition, to create opportunities for shared performances and recording experiences that promote to the world the significance of the culture of the African Diaspora in Brazil, the U.S. and the South America.