Damo Suzuki’s Network In The Music Box Village

damo suzukiDon’t miss Damo Suzuki’s Network at The Music Box Village on November 2nd.

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What To Expect

Damo Suzuki is an improvisational artist who performs with a rotating cast of international musicians. This is called ​”Damo Suzuki’s Network”, and no single  performance is rehearsed or premeditated. Damo will be meeting most of his U.S. band members, which he refers to as Sound Carriers, for the very first time. He holds a brief meeting with his band prior to the show and the rest is what he calls “spontaneous magic”.

New Orleans Airlift and the Music Box Village are excited to extend their mission by sharing in the process of Sound Carrying collaboration through the suggestion of artists to join Damo and by providing him and his Sound Carriers a unique venue that will open surprising doors to creative possibilities. Expect a once in a lifetime event which will feature members of Bitchin’ Bajas, Maria Elena of Special Interest, Sultana Isham and Benni!

For the uninitiated, Damo Suzuki was the singer for transformative German Krautrock icons Can from 1970 to 1973, recording a number of well-regarded albums such as Tago Mago, Future Days and Ege Bamyasi. His freeform, often improvised lyrics, were sung in no particular language. Praised for their fusion of psychedelic rock, funk, and avant-garde noise, these albums went on to influence members of bands like the Sex Pistols, Jesus & Mary Chain and Radiohead.