Drone Video: Busy Mississippi River

It has been a couple of beautify Spring days in New Orleans. Did you make some time to head outside and enjoy these beautiful conditions? It’s perfect right now not too hot and not too humid. You know this type of weather isn’t gonna last so take a minute and go for a stroll down by the river. We did and while we were there we got some great drone footage you will want to see.

Steamboat Natchez

Check out the busy Mississippi River with the steamboat Natchez making its way up river. In the video you can the the Natchez fighting the current of the Mississippi river while the steamboat is trying to make room for a cargo vessel to pass by. When the New Orleans Steamboat Company launched the NATCHEZ in 1975, they revived more than a famous name. The company created one of only two true steam powered sternwheelers plying the Mississippi today. She is the ninth steamer to bear the name NATCHEZ, according to the company. They say it was her predecessor, NATCHEZ VI, that raced the ROBERT E. LEE in the most famous steamboat race of all time. Even today, the NATCHEZ is proudly the undisputed champion of the Mississippi, never having been beaten in a race. ┬áThe latest race took place on Valentine’s Day 2003 with the Natchez paired against the American Queen Steamboat, one of the fleet of the Delta Queen Steamboat Company. It was a charity race with proceeds going toward the renovation of St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans.

For more information visit: https://www.steamboatnatchez.com/

Cargo Vessel CS Sarafina

In the Video you also get a great view of St. Louis Cathedral from the river. You can also see the cargo vessel CS Sarafina heading down the river towards the Gulf Of Mexico. The vessel was built in 2014 and is over 190 yards long.