The River Is Very High

Check out a very high Mississippi River. In this video the river is at about 15 feet (22/01/19) according to NOAA . At some point in the drone video you can see that the Mississippi is actually higher than the city. New Orleans truly sits in bowl. Rainfall across the Ohio and Lower Mississippi Valley in recent weeks has caused the river to rise that high.  When the river is that high the Army Corps of Engineers and local levee districts conduct daily high river inspections of the river levees for sand boils, seepage and other possible issues.

Did You Know

Mississippi RIverA 20 foot project levee protects the city. The official flood stage, set by the Army Corps of Engineers, is at 17 feet in New Orleans. Floodwalls and levees are constantly upgraded to maintain that project height.  NOAA cautions the river level will continue making navigation and docking difficult. Strong eddies will develop below the gage at Carrollton, with increased negative impacts on navigation.

The Mississippi River is the second largest river in the US. The brown muddy water separate the east bank from the west bank. The river which begins in Minnesota flows into the Gulf of Mexico. Riverboats were developed to navigate its currents and at some point the Mississippi was the most important vein of transportation in North America. Today the port of New Orleans is one of the busiest in the nation.