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Ace Hotel and Afrofuture Society presents Southern Parlour: An Exploration of Geopolitical Occasional Space

Ace Hotel New Orleans celebrates the opening of its latest Gallery exhibition, Southern Parlour, hosted and curated by New Orleans’ based Afrofuture Society and its founder Gia Hamilton. Southern Parlor – on view at The Gallery at Ace Hotel New Orleans through October 1 – offers a space of exchange and reflexion to artists of African descent based in the United States and African artists based on the African continent. Showcasing the work of 18 artists and through a series of four salons, Southern Parlour is an open and inviting space to analyze and celebrate blackness in contemporary art. 

Curator Statement:

Using an anthropological gaze, the exhibition Southern Parlour, is a collision between abstract capitalist space and concrete human place which creates an opportunity for a new space to exist – the occasional space or “leased” space in which the objects, intentions and people here share a purpose and a shared location, not only site specific but situation specificity as well. Collectively, we exchange intimacy through references about safe space, blackness as a metaphorical concept and the ethnographic objects that recover something in their conceptual code.

The curatorial labor is that of a healing practitioner while the work presented represents defiant imagination; an atmospheric transfer of the energy from the artists, writers, cultural practitioners [re]purposing charged objects, works in progress and relics to dismantle violence, fear and disdain through a [re]territorialized condition – the ritual. The Southern Parlour is migratory, portable and vulnerable in nature – it conjures the radical ephemeral possibility of the geopolitical global south.

Through the spectatorial emergence of new paths, blackness ruptures the social fabric, these new paths fragment and unite collective story and allows blackness to exist in safety outside of the physical body. The Parlour then becomes a leased space of familiarity within the public to enjoy coffee, tea, conversation and to activate an intension of healing.

Gia Hamilton, Curator, Healer and Founder of Afrofuture Society


Monday, Aug. 15 – Opening Ceremony: Sleeping Giant
6pm–9pm, The Gallery
Healing, Soundscapes featuring DJ Laylo and Poetry reading by poet and scholar A Scribe Called Quess (7:00pm–7:30pm)

Tuesday, Aug. 23
6pm–8pm, Three Keys
Artist Talk on the global South, healing, the art making process and women’s work.
With Bronwyn Katz (artist, South Africa), Kristina Robinson (writer, New Orleans), Shabreon Plummer (artist, New Orleans)

Tuesday, Sept. 13
6pm–8pm, Three Keys
Abstraction, Activism and Aesthetics – Conjectural Mapping
With A Scribe Called Quess (poet and scholar, New Orleans), Cairo Kwame (organizer and scholar, New Orleans), Torrence Taylor (cultural practitioner and stylist, New Orleans)

Saturday, Oct. 1: Closing Ceremony
6pm–9pm, The Gallery
Soundscapes featuring DJ Sabine
Shotgun Cinema podcast LIVE with Amina Massey (photographer and founder of Shotgun Griot podcast, New Orleans)
Curated Thrift with Matthew Rosenbeck (visual artist and founder of Junk Masters, New Orleans)
Pinch Pots with Ma Po Kinnord (visual artist, New Orleans)

All events are free and open to the public.
#southernparlour @theafrofutureis


Amina Massey
Horton Humble
Ana Hernandez
John Barnes
A Scribe Called Quess
Kristina Robinson
Ashley Teamer
L. Kasimu Harris
Ayo Scott
MaPo Kinnord
Matthew Rosenbeck
Bronwyn Katz* representing South Africa
Rontherin Ratliff
Sharbreon Plummer
Epaul Julien
Torrence Taylor

About Afrofuture Society
Afrofuture Society, founded in 2015 is a membership­-based platform for people of African descent in the visual arts community to connect to each other globally, across disciplines, and throughout the life cycles of the work. For more information, visit:afrofuturesociety.com and giahamiltonstudio.com.

About Ace Hotel New Orleans
Ace Hotel New Orleans sits at the intersection of Carondelet and Lafayette Street in a beautiful 1928 Art Deco building, flanked by museums and galleries in the city’s culturally-vibrant Warehouse District. A stone’s throw from the French Quarter, our historic nine-story building has marinated in the magic of one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities for nearly a century. Ace New Orleans is home to some of the finest dining and drink in the city, plus a music venue right on site — a magnet for the city’s most welcoming cultural emissaries.