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Live Art Saturdays With Heather M Kenyon

Saturday night, come watch Heather M. Kenyon of Technicolor Elephant Studios paint portraits live in her bright acrylic and intricate Sharpie surrealist style!

Heather combines her passion for Interior Design and Psychology into playful, layered works of art. Each piece incorporates a tangle of faces and animals, including a hidden elephant in every one!

To preview more of her stunning works:


About Palace Market

More than a Market, we are a community. Our mission at Palace is to provide a market space for artists to present their handmade pieces to locals and visitors.

Palace Market is a space for everyone. It is walls, concrete, and lights. It is also an opportunity. An opportunity for an artist to have a storefront on Frenchmen street. An opportunity for a visitor to find a meaningful keepsake. An opportunity for a neighbor to make a connection with the artisans in their community. An opportunity for a partier to sit down and take a break.

We have a rotating list of 100+ artists, making each market unique. We strive for the market space to be a canvas in and of itself; a space that’s constantly evolving to highlight our community’s talent. We strive to bring you a New Orleans art experience you can’t find anywhere else.

Every Saturday night, Palace Market will work with their rotating vendors for an interactive art experience. Check out the Palace Market Facebook page for upcoming artists and experiences.

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