Every Day Is Halloween: A Burlesque Tribute to Tim Burton

Join The Society of Sin, the troupe that brought you “Arkham ASSylum: A Batman Burlesque Play” and “Once Upon a Tease: A Villainous Burlesque & Variety Show” for the third annual edition of “Every Day Is Halloween,” a delightfully dreary and wonderfully whimsical burlesque revue celebrating the works of Tim Burton, including burlesque tributes to Batman Returns, Sweeney Todd, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and more! Producer/Creative Director: Xena Zeit-Geist, Production Assistant: Dane Baxter Cast: Xena Zeit-Geist, Expecta Patrone, Lune Noirr, Ariana Amour (Adrian Claveria) and more!

What You Need To Know

Flash photography is not allowed during the show, but there is often time after to get pictures with performers. If you do snap a photo or video (without flash!) please tag us! Instagram: @thesocietyofsin Facebook: Facebook.com/thesocietyofsin Twitter: @thesocietyofsin

If you enjoy our performance, you may throw money into our tip bucket or on stage before, during or after the show. We work really hard and love when people show their appreciation with tips!