Fire Hydrant Leaks for +100 Days

Here is a quick update to a story we brought you a while back about a leaking fire hydrant in the CBD

Fire Hydrant on St. Charles Ave.

We noticed this leaking fire hydrant on St. Charles Ave. a while back. Now, a concerned citizen added a note which reads “100 Days and counting, celebrating 100 days of leaking.”

Fire Hydrant leaks for 100 daysWhomever put up the note, even created the hashtag #PleaseFixMe. We know it has been spewing water for months. It appears that some efforts were made to fix it.  The street was opened up and the hole was covered with a metal plate. But now the water is coming from underneath that metal cover. Is the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans actually working to fix the problem? We can only hope so.

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