Fire Hydrants In The City Need Some Help

We love New Orleans and want to help make the city better for everybody. Recently, we noticed a few leaking fire hydrants and started our own, by no means comprehensive, investigation around the city to see if it was a common occurrence. We have passed some of these fire hydrants day after day, week after week, and watched them spilling onto the street like fountains.  These hydrants are in desperate need of repair and it hurts to think about how much water is being wasted every single day that they are not fixed. Problems with the city’s water systems are often blamed on our aging infrastructure, but these hydrants appear to be rather new. Of course, we understand there are a lot of hydrants in the city that need to be maintained, but as we mentioned, some of those have been leaking for weeks now and are forming rivers down the street to the nearest drain. We, as New Orleans Locals, are concerned…are you?

Fire Hydrant On St. Charles Ave.

We noticed this leaking fire hydrant on St. Charles Ave. It has been spewing water for weeks now. We did notice a green sort of marker or flag on it, but do not know if this means that the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans is actually working to fix the problem. We sure hope so.

The Sewerage and Water Board is actually located only 3 blocks away from this problem hydrant on Prytania and Clio Street. This issue cannot be blamed on underground leaks. This one also has been leaking water for weeks now. It almost looks like some sort of tape was wrapped around the leaking hydrant. We don’t know whether this was done by officials, or just a citizen who was trying to stop it from leaking water. If this one keeps putting water into the street, it may even cause bigger issues like damaging the street -and we know how long it takes in New Orleans to get our roads fixed.

Fire Hydrant

This fire hydrant on Julia Street appeared to have stopped leaking, but you can still see a puddle of water next to it. It almost looks like it may have been hit by a car. The orange caution marker has been sitting next to it for a while as well. So again, we are not sure if this means the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans is actually aware of the problem.

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