First Annual Mais & Margarita Fest

First Annual Mais & Margarita FestCervantes Foundation together with the French Market District present the first Mais & Margarita Fest on Saturday, April 6 at the French Market- Dutch Alley.

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What You Need To Know

This festival has been created to showcase the Latino presence in the city and show how, over the centuries, it has assimilated through food and drink to the United States. Two staple items that symbolize this assimilation are corn and tequila which now have been paired to celebrate in a unique way. The festival will take place in Dutch Alley in the French Quarter on Saturday, April 6 ‪from 11am to 7pm‬. Admission will be free and there will be several food vendors selling tacos, arepas, pupusas, tamales, cornbread, corn and grits, roasted corn on the cob, and more as well as a Margarita contest and live entertainment for people to dance to and enjoy throughout the day! Sponsorship packages available now so contact us today to be part of this great event.