Flooding In The City of New Orleans

The rains on Wednesday morning caused widespread flooding in the city. If you are from New Orleans, you know the usual spots that flood, but these heavy rains hit certain parts of New Orleans harder than usual. Take a look at our video from downtown on Wednesday morning (July 10,2019) where parts of Carondolet and Gravier had several inches of water. It took about an hour until the pumps could catch up and get most of the water out of the streets in downtown New Orleans. Locals urged people to walk close to the buildings saying the water pressure had blown off a manhole cover, which you could not see because of the dirty water that covered streets and sidewalks.

Local Businesses Hit Hard

Print Shop Flooded - Flooding In The City of New Orleans Many hotel lobbies and restaurants in the area as well as the Rouses store on Baronne and Girod got several inches of water. The sandbags, some had put up to protect the businesses, did not help much. We spoke to a print shop employee who told us the business had been on Union street about for over 7 years, but he had never seen flooding like this before.

What is your opinion about the flooding and what’s to come over the weekend?

Are you angry or understanding? Many New Orleanians feel that that the Sewage and Water Board is simply incapable of doing their jobs. Others believe that so much water fell that the pumps could not keep up. What are you doing to prepare for this weekend?