Formal Attire Required For Mardi Gras Events, Stay Comfortable While Looking Stunning

Attire For Mardi Gras EventsThe Carnival season is about to kick into high gear and that means you may attend a Mardi Gras Ball. Many of the events will require formal attire, some invitations will actually say “strictly formal.” Besides figuring out what to wear, you will also have to find a way to make through the night comfortably while looking stunning.

For Women

Formal and strictly formal usually means you need to wear a long dress which should skim the floor, or at least be ankle-length. You may even be turned away if you decide to show up in your cocktail dress. Don’t forget to bring a jacket or wrap, as some of the venues can be rather chilly. Make sure your dress has the right color as some balls will have color themes.  Prepare yourself for a wild night, that also means you should get ready for your dress to get ruined at some point.  When floats arrive to the Orpheus, Endymion and Bacchus balls, they are still throwing beads and other items from the float. Those items will hit drinks and food on your table, which most likely will end up on your dress. People will be partying and somebody will spill something on your gown, don’t let this ruin your night!

For Men

Usually formal attire for men means a tuxedo, preferably black.  For “strictly formal” men wear a white tie and sometimes tails and gloves. However, styles and fashions are changing. Now, you will also find sequin jackets and some even light up. Believe it or not, we have seen some wear shoes that lit up. Depending on the ball, colorful outfits are becoming more popular these days. And, as you already know, some balls are more fun than others.

Your Shoes

Usually high heels, sometimes embellished with rhinestones, pearls or crystals are expected, but first and foremost, you will have to be comfortable since this will be a long night. Also, beads covering the floors at some balls can be very slippery to walk on especially in very high heels. Remember, if your dress happens to skim the floor nobody will actually see if your are wearing platforms or not. You can also bring a second, way more comfortable, pair and switch shoes at some point during the night.

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