Ghost Light Jazz Fest Late Night Show

Ghost Light Jazz Fest Late Night ShowJoin us on Saturday April 27 Late Night (Technically early morning April 28)1:30am Doors 2:00am for Ghost Light Jazz Fest Late Night Show!

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What You Need To Know

Show I think of this album like a bunch of abstract paintings, says Ghost Lights Tom Hamilton. We present the songs as a series meant to be experienced in a certain order, but at the end of the day, whatever that series makes you feel is totally up to you.In that sense, Ghost Lights brilliant debut album, Best Kept Secrets, functions much like the band itself, drawing beauty and strength from both its complementary pairings and its unexpected juxtapositions. Formed in 2017, the group brings together five consummately talented artists from across the musical spectrumguitarists/singers Tom Hamilton and Raina Mullen, pianist Holly Bowling, and drummer Scotty Zwangand thrusts them into a wholly new context. The result is a record that transcends the sonic contributions and background of any single member, a collection thats at once gritty and refined, sprawling and restrained, straightforward and psychedelic.