Give the Gift of a Nice Review

With all of the hustle and bustle surrounding our daily lives and even more so during the holidays, we sometimes forget to take the time to say “Thank you!” Everyday we meet someone, somewhere, that has made our day a little better. It does not have to be a big thing, the little things are what can mean the most. During this holiday season, please take the time to write a nice review for the New Orleans Local businesses and the people who make them wonderful.

For some reason, we all remember the bad things that have happened to us when we decide to write a review on Facebook, Google or Yelp. We will make the time to click that one star when a meal is not perfect at a restaurant or service was not prompt enough at a store.  But, for some reason, we do not make the time or effort when it comes to giving a positive 5 Star review when it truly was deserved.

Think about your day, last month, even the entire year, and give a little thanks to the local businesses and the people who make those businesses great.  Was the service at a restaurant wonderful? Did someone at a local store spend extra time to help you make your selections? Is there a local business that you would like to recognize for just being great!

Make a little time this holiday season, to give the gift that only you can give that will help local businesses. It does not involve spending money or a lot of time. Give The Gift of a Nice Review.