How To Get Your Child Back Into The School Routine

Back to schoolIt’s almost time to head back to school for your kids. After a long lazy summer, it may take some work to get your child back into the school routine. Transitioning into a new school year can be stressful for everyone. Here are a few tips that may help you and your child out:

Involve Your Child

Experts recommend getting them involved in the back to school routine. You can avoid an early morning melt-down by having them help you pick out their clothes to wear. Lay it all out the night before so it is ready to go in the morning.  Ask them the night before what they would like to eat for lunch and have them help you prep the meal. Let them help you pack their backpack. Children like to help out and like to be involved. This gives them a sense of control over the situation. Also, let him or her know that getting up on time and getting out the door on time in the morning is helping you out as well.

Set A Routine

It is important to set a routine for your kid and stick with it. Tell them when it’s time to play, when it’s time to do their homework and when it’s time to go to bed. Once a solid evening routine has been established, life for you and your child will be so much easier. Of course, your child will push back at first, but if you stick to your rules, they will get used to the times you have set. Usually, children like structure in their lives.

Talk To Your Child

Kids often feel anxious before a new school year. Usually, they have a hard time expressing why they are stressing out. You can help them by talking to them. Ask them what they are excited about when going back to school. Find out which friends they are happy to see again. This can help ease their anxiety by making them look forward to going back to school.