How To Make Your Jack-O-Lantern Last Longer

It’s Halloween and you and your family worked hard to give your Jack-O-Lantern that scary look. Now that it is sitting outside in the humidity and the heat you worry it won’t last through the end of the spooky season. There are a few things you can do to keep it looking fresh longer:


  • pick a pumpkin that is already soft
  • cut off the top of your pumpkin. That way the decay won’t start from the top and trickle down. Instead cut a whole in the pumpkin either in the back or the bottom
  • consider not carving the pumpkin and only decorate it using markers, glitter,  or/and other craft supplies. An un-carved pumpkin will stay fresh the longest. You could also wait until the day off Halloween to carve it to make sure your Jack-O-Lantern looks best on the scariest night of the year.


  • treat the inside of  your gutted pumpkin with bleach and water
  • let the gutted pumpkin fully dry before carving it
  • use Vaseline, WD-40, vegetable or olive oil around the edges of your carved pumpkin
  • you could also use clear nail polish, clear spray paint or white glue to seal the carved edges in order to lock in the moisture
  • spray a mixture of liquid peppermint soap and peppermint oil on your pumpkin to help keep mold away

Experts say a pumpkin that was healthy when you picked it can last 8 to 12 weeks. Keep in mind that the hot and humid conditions here in New Orleans may impact your Jack-O-Lantern’s lifespan negatively.