Marquee: A Night of Burlesque, Circus and Drag Cabaret

MarqueeApril through June, you can indulge yourself on a decadent night of entertainment with “Vinsantos and LadyBEAST Present Marquee: A Night of Burlesque, Circus and Drag Cabaret at Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre, New Orleans’ most historic playhouse.

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About The Show

MarqueeCabaret has been deeply infused into the culture of New Orleans since the late 1800s. As many cities nationwide watched their cabaret and burlesque scenes fade away New Orleans has kept the culture alive and is now at the forefront of the movement. “Marquee” pays homage to and celebrates the cabaret culture that gave rise to legends such as Julian Eltinge, Josephine Baker, Nita and Zita, and Lilly Christine AKA “the Cat Girl.” Inspired by the greats of days’ past, “Marquee,” like a dancer,leads the audience through significant events ranging from the 1890s to the 1950s. From drag to burlesque and vaudeville to circus, the cast of characters will titillate,astound and amaze in this story that only New Orleans’ cabaret could tell.

“This is a full-blown theatre production which includes the best of New Orleans’performers. This play is an ode to the history of cabaret in New Orleans and, just asimportantly, staying true to yourself,” says Marquee cast member LadyBEAST. In addition to LadyBEAST and Vinsantos, the cast of Marquee includes such local luminaries as Titibaby, Franky Canga, Sweet Tooth Simone, Cherry Bombshell and Madame Mystere.

What You Need To Know

Performances for Marquee are scheduled for April 26-28; May 3-5; and June 6-9. Tickets are $25 to $35 and can be purchased on A Marquee VIP experience is available for $45 and includes premium seating, an exclusive meet-and-greet with artists and asigned Marquee poster. This offer is only available through Le Petit Theatre’s boxoffice by calling (504) 522-2081 (x1). There will be a mini-museum of historicalartifacts on display in the lobby of the theatre prior to the show. Visit for additional details.

About LadyBEAST

From pulling off a Houdini-esque escape out of a straightjacket suspended over 100 feet above the Burning Man Festival to giving a Ted Talkat LSU, LadyBEAST has led an extraordinary existence that includes producing and touring, nationally and locally, the production “Levity”. For “Marquee,” LadyBEAST has taken on the roles of co-producer, Director of Movement and Choreography and performer.

About Vinsantos

Described as the “Queen of New Orleans Queens” by Vice Magazine and fresh off of a nationwide tour as opening act for the legendary band Bauhaus, Vinsantos (along side Titibaby) tells the story of “Marquee” in an eloquent and heartfelt performance inspired by cabaret legend Julian Eltinge. For “Marquee,”Vinsantos is co-producer, composer of original music and performer.