Nailed It Film Screening

Nailed It Free Film ScreeningDon’t miss the free film screening of “Nailed It” on  October 22nd. Surprised to learn that over half of America’s nail salons are Vietnamese-owned, filmmaker Adele Pham is inspired to uncover the history and modern reality of the Vietnamese-American nail salon. 

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What To Expect

Visit any strip mall in the United States, and there’s bound to be a Vietnamese nail salon. While ubiquitous in cities across the country, few Americans know the history behind the salons and the 20 Vietnamese refugee women, who in 1975, sparked a multibillion dollar industry that supports their community to this day. Weaving powerful personal stories with insightful interviews, Nailed It, a new documentary by director Adele Free Pham, captures an unforgettable and often hilarious saga born of tragedy, charting the rise, struggle, stereotypes, and steady hold Vietnamese Americans have on today’s multiethnic $8 billion dollar nail economy. Join filmmaker Adele Pham for this free screening and discussion on Monday October 22nd at 6:30pm at The Ranch Theatre inside the Contemporary Arts Center as part of the 29th Annual New Orleans Film Festival. A reception will follow the screening at The New Orleans Advocate.