Parade Video: Krewe Of Cork and Uptown Parades

The parade season is kicking into high gear right now. It is almost impossible to catch all the parades that are happening all over town. We took some videos in case you missed one of your favorite parades.

Krewe Of Cork

“We celebrate Wine! Food! Fun!” is Krewe of Cork’s motto. Founded in 2000, the Krewe of Cork has grown into a world famous Mardi Gras and wine industry phenomenon. The walking Krewe paraded through a packed French Quarter on Friday, February 22, 2019. Take a look at our parade video!

The Krewe’s two main events of the year are the Mardi Gras season parade day festivities and participation in the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience Royal Street Stroll. Throughout the year, we invite members to wine dinners and other special occasions such as road trips and wine tastings.

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Krewe Of Oshun

The Krewe is named for the Yoruba goddess of love and intimacy. This was the first Uptown parade to roll (Friday, February  22. 2019). Her symbols are the peacock and the fan. Throws include peacock figures and mugs. Oshun’s king is called “Shango.”

Krewe Of Cleopatra

This year’s theme was “Cleopatra’s Animated Adventures.” The Krewe rolled down the Uptown parade route following the Krewe of Oshun. The Krewe has been rolling every year since 1972, on the night of the first Friday of carnival season. The Krewe rolls through the streets of New Orleans.  Antiquity remembers Queen Cleopatra for being both the embodiment of grace and femininity. Her political opponents respected her as a formidable leader of strong will. The members of the Krewe of Cleopatra community look to these qualities as inspiration in their modern lives.

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Krewe of Pontchartrain

The Krewe of Pontchartrain is a long-standing New Orleans Mardi Gras organization that parades down some of New Orleans’ most famous streets. It rolled Saturday, February 23, down the Uptown parade route. The parade featured some of Mardi Gras’ most memorable floats, such as “Mr. Mudbug” (the world’s largest crawfish) and a giant fish dubbed “The Super Grouper”.

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Krewe of Choctaw

The Krewe rolled Friday Saturday, February 23 following down the Uptown route.  Originally formed as a social organization, Choctaw did not parade until 1939 when ten old U.S. Government mail wagons were purchased from a salvage company for $50.00 each.  The old stripped-down mail wagons formed the chassis for the first Choctaw carnival parade floats. Men, women and children are welcome to join. The krewe holds events throughout the year, including the Chief Choctaw Pub Crawl, Chief’s Red Beans & Rice Dinner, Chief Choctaw’s Big Pow Wow and an annual golf tournament.
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Krewe of Sparta

Don’t rain on my parade….. despite pouring rain Krewe of Sparta (The Knights of Sparta) rolled down St. Charles Avenue on Saturday, February 23. Their motto “Palmam Qui Meruit Ferat,” translates to “Let He Who Merits The Palm Possess It”. In other words, “If You Wish To Gain Recognition, Work Hard For It.” A spectacular signature float, a mule-drawn king’s float, traditional flambeaux, and mounted officers are just a few of the wonderful features of the Knights of Sparta street parade each year.

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Krewe of Carrollton

The Krewe of Carrollton made its way through Uptown and the CBD on Sunday, February 24.

The Krewe of Carrollton has a long and storied history. Formed by a group of Oak Street businessmen in 1924, the Krewe’s modest beginnings over 80 years ago have been the foundation of a Carnival organization both widely known as a significant participant in the Carnival season, and was itself instrumental in fostering and assisting new organizations which adopted many of the Carrollton practices.

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Krewe of ALLA

The Krewe of Alla’s theme for 2019 was “Are We There Yet?” The parade, which rolled down the Uptown route on Sunday, February 24, featured floats portraying different destination themes.  Signature throws for this year include hand-decorated genies.

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