Raine Bedsole Opening Reception

Raine PassageDon’t miss Raine Bedole’s opening reception for her latest exhibition Passage on October 6.

For more information visit: http://www.callancontemporary.com/exhibitions/raine-bedsole_1


What To Expect

InPassage, her seventh exhibition at Callan Contemporary, Raine Bedsole invites viewers on a psychological, symbolic, and spiritual journey. Deploying new additions to her visual vocabulary as well as ideas she has explored throughout her career—water, contemporary relics, and vessel forms steeped in the syntax of mythology—Bedsole conjures a physical and allegorical voyage through space, time, and psyche. The exhibition’s central element is an installation comprised of abstracted vessel sculptures in welded bronze, copper, and steel. Navigating this passage, viewers become wayfarers as they observe the compositions’ porous contours and latticework of interwoven shadows. Above, alongside, and below, the sculptures seem to float, buoyed along by unseen currents, crossing imagined seas and mythical times. Smaller wall-mounted bronzes surround the passageway, echoing this contemplative focus by referencing some of Western history’s most important thinkers: the Greek philosophers chronicled by the Greco-Roman biographer Plutarch and the Eastern philosophy of Buddhism. With their imagery of books, flowers, thistles, and the Buddha in a serenely meditative pose, these pieces and the larger installation evoke a state of introspection and levitation between literal and non-literal worlds.