Reactive Rover Workshop

Reactive Rover Workshop October 8 is a great human’s only workshop at the Louisianan SPCA that helps pet owners who struggle with a dog that barks or lunges at other dogs while on-leash. Does this behavior make you frustrated? Embarrassed? Feel like giving up? Well, the Reactive Rover workshop will lay out the genetic and environmental underpinnings of dog-dog reactivity, discuss the underlying causation, and provide protocols for modifying the behavior. The Reactive Rover workshop starts at 7 p.m. on August 8 and includes resources, training plans and video tutorials. To register, visit

About The Louisiana SPCA

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to the elimination of animal suffering, we have been committed to serving the needs of the people and animals in New Orleans and across the region for more than 130 years.  Adopting a pet is an amazing way to show love to an animal in need and brings so much love to you in return. Browse our list of adoptable animals or stop by to meet our available pets:

Chartered in 1888, the Louisiana SPCA is the oldest and most comprehensive animal welfare organization in the state. Our staff consists of highly qualified individuals and one of our Core Values is that we believe in continuous improvement and learning. We are happy to share with the community some of our organization and staff awards as a result of hard work and dedication. To see our awards click here: