Screamfest New Orleans / Krewe of Boo

Screamfest and Krewe of Boo present three new films filmed in New Orleans . Screenings take place at the Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center Fri. 10/18/19-Sat 10/19/19 and a block of shorts screening on Sun. 10/20/19.

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Film Lineup

Friday 10/18 | 7:30PM

Wounds, Sceamfest

Short film – Overkill – 14:45 screens prior


Q&A w/ director Babak Anvari.

Will (Armie Hammer) is a bartender in New Orleans. He has a great job, great friends, and a girlfriend, Carrie (Dakota Johnson), who loves him. He skates across life’s surface, ignoring complications and concentrating on enjoying the moment. One night at the bar, a violent brawl breaks out, which injures one of his regular customers and causes some college kids to leave behind a cell phone in their haste. Will begins receiving disturbing texts and calls from the stranger’s phone. While Will hopes to not get involved, Carrie gets lost down a rabbit hole investigating this strange malevolence. They’ve discovered something unspeakable, and it’s crawling slowly into the light. Written for the Screen and Directed by Babak Anvari the Award-Winning Director of Under the Shadow.

Cast: Armie Hammer, Dakota Johnson, Zazie Beetz , Karl Glusman, Brad William Henke

Friday 10/18 | 10:00PM

Short films – The Dionaea House and Feeder screen prior to


Q&A w/ producers Chris Kobin & Jeff Mullins.

In the mid-1800s an aristocratic, wealthy France-born family moves to New Orleans to make their way in America. When their beautiful youngest daughter seduces the fiancé of the legendary Queen of Louisiana Voodoo, Marie Laveau, and gets pregnant, she tries to keep it a secret. Madame Laveau finds out and lays her most destructive curses on the family, and from that year on, they must kidnap one beautiful young woman from the Mardi Gras festival or the entire family will perish. Cast: Bill Moseley, Lin Shaye, Sofia Mattsson, Tanyell Waivers, Ashley Hamilton

Cast: Bill Moseley, Lin Shaye, Sofia Mattsson, Tanyell Waivers, Ashley Hamilton

Saturday 10/19 | 7:30PM

Short film – Dinner for One (2:00) screens prior


Q&A w/ Rodman Flender, Jake Cannavale

An ordinary lunch hour explodes in an orgy of spurting blood and flying organs when stoner Jake Stephens and cheerleader Amanda Blake suddenly gut-munch half their class in the school cafeteria. Afflicted with a zombie virus, they hit road in search of a cure while outrunning Cass, a telepath charged with hunting and killing the infected. Can Jake and Amanda find love while eating their way through the national sex offender registry? The director of IDLE HANDS delivers an outrageous, gore-soaked zom-rom-com.

Cast: Jake Cannavale, Angelique Rivera, Sarah Yarkin, Patrick Fabian, Jim Titus.

Saturday 10/20 | 3:00PM

Short Films:


Allergic Overreaction

Bad Hair

Killer Date

Murder Ballad

The Party

The Springfield Three