“Surrender The Fall’s stock in trade is pounding pedal-through-the-floor rock, a loud abundance that includes first single “Love Hate Masquerade”-Billboard

“Surrender the Fall finds its own ‘spotlight'”-Flint Journal

Surrender the Fall’s new video for Some Kind of Perfect is premiering on MTV.com Buzzworthy right now.

“The music of Memphis’ Surrender The Fall is a throwback to the days when glammy hard rock bands ruled the airwaves, so it’s no surprise that their videos would call some of the classic tropes of the hair metal period as well. Their new clip for “Some Kind of Perfect,” from their recent Burn In the Spotlight album, is a collection of those timeless rock video themes that we remember from back in the day, but with a contemporary update. Clearly, Surrender The Fall has learned from their forefathers — and they wanna ROCK. Which, I might mention, they totally do and they totally do well.” – MTV Buzzworthy

The band’s debut album, Burn in the Spotlight was released via Rum Bum Records on September 18, 2012 and has already spawned two Top 40 Rock Singles with Love Hate Masquerade and Some Kind of Perfect.

Check Some Kind of Perfect out here:
Youtube Link for posting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GvhF5YYZt8