SweatFest 2018

Look no further, it’s the 3rd annual SweatFest hosted by the Big Easy Rollergirls! Our goal is to bring top notch WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) teams to the Gulf Coast over a two day derby extravaganza. 10 games. 2 days. All the derby, all the sweat, and all that jazz.

For more details visit: http://www.bigeasyrollergirls.com/event/sweatfest-2018/

What’s Going ON

Saturday 8/4
10AM: Houston Supernovas vs LA Nightmare Squad
12PM: Arch Rival All-Stars vs Atlanta DSDG*
2PM: Arch Rival Saint Lunachix vs LA Nightmare Squad
4PM: Texas Chainsaws vs Houston Supernovas
6PM: Texas Texecutioners vs Atlanta DSDG*

Sunday 8/5
10AM: Arch Rival Saint Lunachix vs Houston Supernovas
12PM: Texas Chainsaws vs LA Nightmare Squad
2PM: TROLLer Derby**
4PM: Texas Chainsaws vs Arch Rival Saint Lunachix
6PM: Texas Texecutioners vs Arch Rival All-Stars*

Sanctioned Games

**- TROLLer Derby is a variation of flat track roller derby in which fans pay to change the rules! Favorites from last year include Quidditch jams (skate on a broom aka pool noodle), swapping jammers with referees, and replacing blockers with giant inflatable pool toys. Choose the TROLLer Derby add-on when you buy your tickets to take part in a highlight of SweatFest weekend.