Take Them To The KidZone At Scout Island Scream Park

Fall is here and soon our temperatures will feel much more comfortable. This is the best time for some outdoor activities. Why not head over to Scout Island Scream Park’s KidZone in City Park? There is so much happening every weekend that will surely keep you children, no matter what age, entertained.

What To Expect

Every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) from now through October the KidZone at Scout Island Scream Park will offer a wide variety of programs that will be keep kids of all ages entertained. From face painting, to arts and crafts, to a bunch of carnival rides including: twirling swings, slide, motorcycle kids ride and the blues clues dog ride there is something for every child. Furthermore, throughout October there will be live performances by The Imagination Movers, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, Dat Band and others. Here are a few other attractions you don’t want to miss:

Insta-Gator – Catch Pools

At the Insta-Gator Ranch you will be able to catch one of over 30 alligators. The Alligator Catch Pools are two counter-top high pools that each contain 15 alligators serving 15 people for a 15 minute period. Those participating will reach into the pool, free of any danger, to catch alligators that have their mouths taped shut. Clear instruction will be provided, along with constant


Karaoke Princesses

The Petite Princesses  perform live every Saturday & Sunday on the Kid Zone Stage greeting children, singing, and spreading pixie dust wherever they go. Spend the weekend in the Kid Zone at Scout Island Scream Park for an unbelievable collectible experience!

Crescent City Magic

The Crescent Circus is a husband-wife duo, Nathan Kepner and Morgan Tsu-Raun, who fuse their expertise in magic and circus arts respectively to deliver a one-of-kind experience on stage. Beginning in New Orleans, The Crescent City, Nathan and Morgan have entertained corporate and collegiate audiences across the country and even overseas. Their original stage work has earned them six international titles, performances at London’s prestigious Magic Circle Theater and an appearance


The Boogie Spooktakular

The Boogie Spooktakular not like a haunted attraction where you follow a one-way path, it’s more like a hang out where the action is all around you! Think of it as being surrounded in an immersive musical cartoon, Scooby-doo style… all in a Scare-Free fashion.  These iconic monsters get their groove on and form a five-piece band, spook up the Halloween spirit with playful scares, and teach several addictive dance routines at The Boogie Spooktakular!

Ghosts abound, flying all around. Talking pumpkins tell jokes while boogieing down. Witches Brew is there for you. It’s lots of fun with our skeleton crew! Bring the whole family to dance and sing along in this animated Halloween adventure!

Festival tickets start at $20. For a full schedule visit: