The Infamous Voodoo Ballerina Party

The Infamous Voodoo Ballerina PartyYou are invited to the infamous Voodoo Ballerina party Hosted by Michalopoulos Gallery on Thursday October 25! Unique costumes required. The best all-vinyl dance tunes from DJ Shane LoveOld New Orleans Rum will unveil their newest spirit: Gris Gris cayenne liqueur!

As always, Voodoo Ballerina is costume mandatory.

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About The Michalopoulos Gallery

Celebrated New Orleans artist James Michalopoulos was born in 1951 in Pittsburgh. After graduating from Bowdoin College with a Bachelor of Arts degree, he pursued the life of a modern-day itinerate artist, traveling throughout the South while capturing its unexpected, everyday exotica in his paintings. He eventually settled in New Orleans, drawn to the city that would become his muse. He studied fine art at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art and at the University of New Orleans. He began painting en plein air in the French Quarter, working in oil on canvas, and became known for his energetically distorted interpretations of vernacular New Orleans buildings. His paintings capture the life, movement and personality of his subjects. His has a uniquely musical, energetic style–full of color and broad brushstrokes. He lays paint on thickly, sculpting the paint with a palette knife until his subject emerges.