Tipitina’s Foundation Free Friday Featuring Motel Radio and Billy Iuso

Don’t miss Tipitina’s Foundation Free Friday on August 17 with Motel Radio and Billy Iuso. The event is free, but you must be 21+ to enter. All proceeds will support protecting and preserving Louisiana’s musical culture.

For more information visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/2042219972472584/?active_tab=about

About Billy Iuso

When New Orleans guitarist Billy Iuso changed his musical course on 2013’s “Naked,” his newly sharpened focus on singing and lyric writing received critical acclaim — and plenty of love from his national fan base. Now front and center in way they’ve never been before, Billy’s earthy vocal tone and the disarmingly raw sentiments embedded in his lyrics lend a richer dynamic to the muscular fretwork that’s always powered his performance. Combined with shifting blues-rock textures, echoes of psychedelia and soulful New Orleans funk rhythms, the results paved the way for a reinvigorated, more song-centric direction in Billy’s artistic output.

In 2014, he took those concepts a step further, returning to the studio to record the forthcoming follow-up to “Naked” with an all-star cast of special guests including George Porter and Art Neville.
Citing Porter and Neville as well as Bob Marley, Paul Weller, Steve Winwood and Traffic among his many muses, Billy explains that as he matures, inspiration comes from a mix of words, sounds and musicians.
“I’m writing more songs as I get older,” he says. “Sometimes a new song comes from a story, sometimes from a guitar riff – each one has its own life.”