Wedding Accessories Done Right

Wedding planning is a stressful time.  You will want to  find the perfect venue, the right food, the appropriate music, the freshest flowers and last but not least that breathtaking dress in order to make your day one that nobody will ever forget.

Did you ever consider making your own accessories to give your wedding that extra special flair? With accessories made out of rhinestones, beads and gemstones, you can create a truly unique design, no matter what theme you have chosen for the day you’ll tie the knot.  While worrying over the uniqueness of your wedding, you also want to make sure your bridesmaids are happy with the dresses you picked to match your wedding theme. While they may not love the colors as much as you do, they’ll surely love the personal touch of your accessories.  Making your own accessories is easy and remember, you can save a lot of money making them yourself.  The AKS  New Orleans Summer Jewelry and Bead Show has everything you need.

The Possibilities Are Endless

And once you get started, you don’t need to stop at belts,  bracelets  or necklaces for your bridesmaids. How about matching cufflinks or tie pins for the best men? You could even create unique wedding gifts such as earnings, or hair pins that will remind your guests of your wedding for years to come. Adding some bling to your shoes and second line umbrellas is actually very easy. From garters  to cake toppers, form glasses to tablescapes  some gemstones or glass beats can spruce up your wedding a couple of notches. Visit the AKS Show to find what you need and maybe even take a class at the show.

Why You Should Make Your Own Accessories

As mentioned before, making your own accessories will make your wedding unique no matter what your budgets is. You can make every little detail exactly how you want it,  perfectly matching your theme. If you think you are not very crafty, no worries, there are experts on hand who’ll stand by your side explaining and teaching you how to get your project done. At AKS show you’ll be able to buy all your supplies at wholesale prices which means you’ll get more bang for your buck. And, if you need help, you still got your bridesmaids, they’ll make sure everything gets done on time. So bring you fabric swatches to the show and get the supplies you need for your extra unique wedding.  Get inspired before heading to the AKS show and click here:

If you want to the right beads and stones for your wedding accessories join us at the AKS Summer Jewelry & Bead Show at the Pontchartrain Convention and Civic Center, on July 13th, 14th and 15th.

The hours on Friday and Saturday are from 10am-6pm, on Sunday from 10am-4pm. Ticket prices are $5 for the ENTIRE WEEKEND for the general public. Get a reprieve from the heat of the summer and discover the latest beading trends at the New Orleans AKS Summer Jewelry & Bead Show!