What Is Your Favorite King Cake Color?

What is your favorite King Cake?The King Cake season has officially begun and King Cakes are readily available all over the city until Ash Wednesday. We did a quick survey among friends and the office and, as it turns out, purple seems to have a slight edge over the other colors when it comes to King Cakes. We know, all colors supposedly taste the same, but what was your favorite color when your were a kid? King Cakes have evolved a lot over the decades. Nowadays, they come with all kinds of fillings.

Do you still remember the “traditional” King Cake from Mckenzie’s?  Unlike many king cakes, they come without accoutrements. No cinnamon woven through the dough, no filling, no icing. They do have purple, green, and gold sugar on top.  Tastee Donuts has been bringing back this traditional King Cake every year.

Some History

King Cakes actually started out about 300 years ago as a dry French Bread with sugar on top. Some king cakes are made of sweet brioche douche shaped in a hollow circle with a glazed topping decorated with colored sugar and yet in other countries, King Cakes are made with puffed pastry filled with different fillings. Plus, let’s not forget that many King Cakes have a small figurine hidden inside or a small plastic or porcelain baby. Do you know that this king cake baby is suppose to represent Baby Jesus?

It has always been a tradition to hide the baby inside the King Cake and whomever gets the piece with the baby inside has to get the next King Cake for the office, school, or party function. Some bakeries still place the baby inside of the cake and other place it on top to help continue this tradition year after year.

What type of king cake do you like the best?

No matter what kind  you may decide on, every King Cake will begin with a braided cooked pastry infused with cinnamon and bedazzled with icing and a purple, green and gold sugary design. If you stop here, this would be the traditional King Cake. But, if you need more to your king cake, you have the option of choosing from a variety of fillings. The fillings are injected in each braid of dough so it fills the inside and oozes out the sides and top for a mouth-watering treat. So, when king cakes evolved to incorporate fillings a world of choices came to consumers. Do you like cream cheese, apple, strawberry, or lemon fillings or do simply love the pecan praline? Also, if you can’t make up your mind, DON’T for some bakeries actually quarter off the king cake and fill with 4 different fillings.

Some of New Orleans’ Favorite King Cake Bakeries

We all have our opinions about where we think is the best place to get a King Cake from.. whether it is from a grocery store, pastry sweet shop, or specific King Cake bakery.

Manny Randazzo King Cakes
– The bakery has been operation since 1965
– Order online and receive a delicious king cake with next day shipping!

Dong Phuong Oriental Bakery 
New Orleans East
– A local bakery crafting traditional French pastries & sweet/savory Vietnamese eats for over 30 years
– You can order online and pick-up or ship your King Cakes this season

Haydel’s Bakery
New Orleans
– Custom cakes, pastries & other sweets have drawn crowds to this family-run bakery since the 1950s
– You can order various King Cakes online

Maurice French Pastries
– The bakery is owned by  Jean-Luc Albin, who is originally from France
– Order  your King Cakes online and have them shipped or pick them up