What’s In A Sno-Ball?

Sno-ballWe have a couple of months of heat left and if you are from New Orleans you are somewhat used to the grueling heat and the humidity that can make it hard to breathe. These conditions are probably the reason why the sno-ball, or sometimes spelled snoball, is one of the Crescent City’s favorite summer treats. It is a delicious treat made with finely shaved ice and flavored cane sugar syrup.

It’s All In The Ice

To give the affordable treat its unique taste and consistency the ice needs to be shaved extremely thin making it fine and fluffy. That’s why the ice just melts in your mouth. Some say “the thinner the better,” comparing the ice shavings to snowflakes.  Sno-balls sometimes get confused with snow cones. A snow cone’s ice is  usually rather coarse, crunchy, and granular.

What’s Your Favorite Flavor?

Sno-ballThe list of flavors is limited only by your imagination. Almost anybody we asked came up with a different favorite flavor. Among the more popular flavors appear to be Chocolate, Cherry, Wedding Cake, Vanilla Orchid, Blue Raspberry and Pina Colada. The cane sugar syrup which usually makes the refreshing sno-ball a sweet treat comes in all kinds of flavors and colors. Have you ever had a rainbow one? What about a Chocolate stuffed one with condensed milk on top? We all have a favorite type and sometimes we maybe a little more adventurous and try another flavor like tres leches or sponge-bob.

A Little History

From what we understand, the first sno-ball ice machines in the city were invented in the mid 1930. Before that, shop owners shaved the ice manually, which means it was coarser than what you now know as a sno-ball today. So, whether you head to Casey’s or Sal’s in Metairie or Williams Plum Street Snoballs or Hansen’s in New Orleans, we can only promise that you will enjoy this sweet treat.

Go And Get A Sno-Ball Today!