Doberge cake comes in all kinds of flavors but did you know that this delicious treat is a true New Orleans original?

Do you remember when you had your first Doberge cake? This New Orleans original usually has six or more layers of cake and dessert pudding. The Doberge cake’s traditional flavors are chocolate, lemon and caramel. Often bakers make the cake with half chocolate pudding and half lemon pudding. Today, the cake is available in many more flavors including strawberry, blackberry or amaretto. The cakes are covered in a thin layer of butter cream and a fondant shell.

A little History

The Doberge cake was adopted by the local baker Beulah Ledner from the Hungarian Dobos torte. Back in the 1930s she started replacing the heavier butter cream used in the Hungarian version with custard to make the cake lighter. Ledner also added the cake’s buttercream icing and the thin outer fondant layer. In 1946 Ledner  sold the secret recipe to Gambino’s bakery which opened up a shop in New Orleans. 

Gambino’s Bakery 

The Gambino’s Doberge cake consists of six layers of moist buttermilk cake separated by our delicate custard filling and frosted entirely in buttercream and rich fondant icing.

Address: Gambino’s Bakery
4821 Veterans Memorial Blvd.

Phone: (504) 885-7500

Debbie Does Doberge 

We do love chocolate and lemon, but we see no reason to stop there.  Full-sized cakes are fantastic, though, and we’ll bake you one as huge as 14 inches, and huger!

Address: Bakery Bar
1179 Annunciation Street
New Orleans

Phone: (504) 616-2330

Maurice French Pastries

Maurice French Pastries offers Doberge cakes in various sizes. Their five layer butter cake comes in several flavors including strawberry, vanilla, caramel and Irish Cream.

Address: Maurice French Pastries
3501 Hessmer Ave & West Napoleon Ave

Phone: (504)  885-1526 / (504) 455 -0830

And of course many local grocery stores also carry your favorite Doberge cakes.  You can find them at Rouses, Dorignac’s, Zuppardo’s and many others.

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