Why Musicians Love New Orleans: Lynn Drury

Lynn DruryMississippi-born roots-rocker Lynn Drury first came to New Orleans as a teenager, for Jazz Fest. And to this day, brass bands and street musicians still influence her style.

“I used to call it ‘Mississippi Grit, New Orleans Groove’, and I still kind of call it that,” Drury says. “But I think ‘NOLAmericana’ fits better. It’s influenced by the street.”

Drury has a business degree from the University of Southern University. “At the end of that, I took an enjoyment in music class,” she says. “I took that course and then I realized I was supposed to play music, basically.”

She recalls her teacher giving students a hearing test. Her results taught Drury that she could hear things that other students weren’t picking up. “I realized I had an ear,” she says.

“[Later] I was walking in the French Quarter and I could hear everything around me.” That stroll, that realization led Drury to a pursuit of a music career, and her relocation to New Orleans in the mid-90s. She tours frequently but still gigs at a variety of fine music venues across the Crescent City.

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What Makes New Orleans Special

“I mean, New Orleans for me is just the epitome of expression and freedom,” she says. “You can come here and really feel that.

Drury has been playing music in the city for over 23 years. She describes the city as eclectic, accepting and tolerant. “Whatever you want to do, if you want to dress a certain way every single day, you know, you can do that here.”

And for an artist, the city provides ample opportunities that are rare elsewhere. “I feel it’s one of the last places where you can truly be an artist without any judgment,” she tells us.

Drury is eager to celebrate and preserve New Orleans culture, on and off the club scene. “If you go down Royal Street in the fall or the spring, everybody is out there playing,” she says. “There is just so much musical influence you can get in this city.”

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