Wow Wee 2! Adventures of a Little Girl Killbot

Wow Wee 2Robots Invade New Orleans! Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble and InFringe Fest Present
Wow Wee 2! Adventures of a Little Girl Killbot  at The New Orleans InFringe Fest

What You Need To Know

Friday, November 9, 2018, 11:00pm
Saturday, November 10, 2018, 9:00pm
Sunday, November 11, 2018,  5:00pm

Tickets: $10

The Allways Lounge and Theatre

2240 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117

Original Concept by Nannette Deasy; Directed by Curt Dixon

Featuring: Robert Baumgardner, Izzy Church, Nannette Deasy, Craig Greenberg, Michael Hauschild, Sam Katz, Jamie Maloney, and Connie Perry

What To Expect

Find out what happens when ANDIE THE ANDROID becomes part of the THE TRUMANS, America’s favorite TV family! Sparks fly when mom and dad mess with this mechanical moppet. By the way, THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!!! (ooops, forgot to mention that). Wow Wee! It’s a completely improvised post-apocalyptic ’80s sitcom! IRTE, the award-winning New York City based improvisational theatre company, makes their first appearance at the New Orleans InFringeFest with their critically acclaimed absurdist comedy. 

If a John Waters movie and Ex Machina had a baby, it might look like WOWEE! ADVENTURES OF A GIRL KILLBOT… This reviewer snorted with laughter.” First Looks – PortFringe 2018! “What makes someone human? and does that criteria extend to androids? When the android in question is equal part’s Schwarzenegger’s *Terminator* and *Next Generation’s* Data, however, the question ever-so-subtly shifts: do we even want her to be human, or would we rather see her vengefully slaughter the undistinguished few of us remaining in the wasteland of our folly?” –Douglas W. Milliken

Featuring Musical Guest Craig Greenberg as the Last Musician on Earth! Craig has been called this generation’s “troubadour piano man” (, combining the pop sensibilities and greatly skilled musicianship of Billy Joel and Ben Folds, with the lyrical smarts of Randy Newman.

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