Bon Appetit: Dessert and Champagne Afterparty

September 10, 2022 |

Bon Appétit is one of Project Lazarus’ most important fundraisers of the year and party hosts are at the heart of the event. Thank you so much for hosting a party this year as we are returning bigger and brighter than before.

The details of your event are completely up to you. This year, we are asking for a suggested donation of $50 for each party guest, or more at your or your guests’ discretion. All donations should come through our QGiv fundraising platform (link here: https://secure.qgiv.com/event/plba22/)

Fundraising will be open until September 22.

Please let Susanne Dietzel know when you plan to host your party, so we can stop by for a visit to thank you and your guests in person.

Support our mission of housing and supporting people living with HIV by signing up to be a party host for Bon Appétit 2022.

Dessert and Champagne Afterparty
All Bon Appétit dinner party guests are invited to join us at the Dessert and Champagne Afterparty! At this lively and fun event, all dinner parties will gather to drink champagne, eat delicious sweets, and toast to the night’s success. This is our FIRST Afterparty since 2019, and we hope that you will join us!

Dessert & Champagne Afterparty

Date: September 10, 2022
Time: 9 PM
Location: Generations Hall, 310 Andrew Higgins Blvd
Complimentary admission if you make a donation at an earlier dinner party. $50 suggested donation for Afterparty admission only.

Contact Susanne Dietzel with any questions at [email protected].

Thank you so much for partaking in this special event, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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