George Dunbar – Paquet

Callan Contemporary 518 Julia St, New Orleans

A visionary artist with uncommon endurance and a passion for innovation, George Dunbar is one of our most treasured cultural figures and, at age 96, a true living legend. For Paquet, his tenth solo exhibition at Callan Contemporary, he has created new works from several of his well-known stylistic periods—Rouville, Surge, Coin Du Lestin, and …

David Borgerding Recent Sculpture

Callan Contemporary 518 Julia St, New Orleans

There is a unique pleasure in beholding something so awe-inspiring, we cannot begin to comprehend it—something outside the purview of knowledge and science that verges into the realm of mystery. David Borgerding’s welded-bronze sculptures transport viewers into zones where the laws of physics no longer apply, where abstract forms seem to float above their pedestals …

Doyle Gertjejansen at Callan Contemporary

Callan Contemporary 518 Julia St, New Orleans

Doyle Gertjejansen’s invigorating abstractions at Callan Contemporary marry aesthetic complexity, luxuriant textures, and an underlying core of aesthetic authenticity. In a suite of conceptually sophisticated mixed-media paintings on canvas, he juxtaposes delicate washes and sensual surfaces in an array of gestures and recurring motifs, which float, jostle, and dialogue with one another in a dimension unbeholden to gravity. Combining …

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