Coronavirus Quarantine Curriculum: Be Active Outside

Don’t feel like you are stuck just because you and your family have to stay at home. Sunlight and exercise are still important. Take your friends and family outside. This is the perfect time to take the kids and enjoy all the outdoor activities New Orleans has to offer.

Better Than PE Classes

Get your bikes out of the garage and go for a bike ride. Head down the Lafitte Greenway. The Lafitte Greenway is a 2.5 mile bicycle and pedestrian trail connecting historic New Orleans neighborhoods from Armstrong Park to City Park. For more information visit:

How about a boat ride on Bayou St. John? Get out your kayak or paddle board? Head over to the bayou and spend the afternoon there. For more information about boat rentals visit:

This time of year is perfect for a family ballgame. It’s not too hot and the bugs are not out in full force just yet. Why not head over to the fly and engage in a friendly family competition. For more information visit:

If ballgames aren’t your thing, then you might enjoy a game of Frisbee Golf. City Park’s Disc Golf course takes players through majestic live oak groves, around serene lagoons, and across architecturally significant bridges built during the 1930s W.P.A. era. For more information visit:

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