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Lifting Community Spirits: Herbsaint & Ian McNulty

Join us this week in lifting community spirits with a toast to the New Orleans community at Herbsaint with Ian McNulty, that has been open for lunch and dinner in New Orleans.

This week Fred Holley, the Event Coordinator for Republic National Distributing Company, is meeting with Ian McNulty, the Staff Food Writer For The New Orleans Advocate for Lifting Community Spirits.

Lifting Community Spirits features exciting conversations with local professionals about cocktails, food and more. Fred Holley discusses the latest in the food and beverage industry and the future of the New Orleans culinary industry and how it changes every single day.

You have to have a hobby. Moving to New Orleans ignited my curiosity and imagination about food and launched my career as a food writer. ~Ian McNulty, Staff Food Writer For The New Orleans Advocate

Ian McNulty is originally from Rhode Island and he moved to New Orleans where he found his love for food. When he moved to New Orleans he did not know anyone. He did not start out being a food writer, but started as a writer for Citibusiness covering banking. He quickly discovered that “if you want to start up a conversation with anyone, you have to bring up food and drink,” says McNulty. The New Orleans Local took him under their wing and it launched into an exploration of New Orleans. McNulty got to know New Orleans by trying the restaurants and the bars and as a journalist he started to cover them and it developed into a career.

Herbsaint And Ian McNulty - Food Photo

Today, Ian McNulty is writing articles about how COVID is impacting the New Orleans restaurants. The real heart of everything is not knowing. Restaurateurs are experiencing fatigue, frustration, but also hope. However, the consumption of spirits and wine have not abated. The long term loans have helped some restaurants, but it depends on each restaurant. Vastly different clientele, staff, rental property, partners all are factors that play into the outcome, but the money does help with a better outcome due to more options. Some restaurants are considering closing down during July and August and coming back stronger in the fall. Others are open and doing everything to proceed safely. Don’t count anybody out, many will come back. During this downtime, Chefs are taking the time to update their menus and be more creative when they open. Restaurants are being flexible with takeout and delivery, and the future will involve more creativity. In the end, the New Orleans culture is still here to stay and it will be back in better form in the future.

Herbsaint And Ian McNulty - Cocktails

This Week’s Spirits:

This week’s spirits include the Plymouth Gin Tom Collins and Buffalo Trace Old Fashion. Bailey will show us all the secrets to making the perfect Plymouth Gin Tom Collins and Buffalo Trace Old Fashion.

Plymouth Gin Tom Collins

Plymouth Gin Tom Collins requires 2 oz of Plymouth Gin, 1 oz of Lemon Juice, 1/2 oz of simple syrup, and soda water. Add all of the Plymouth Gin, Lemon Juice together,  fill the glass with ice,  and top with soda water and give a little stir. It can be garnished with a lemon wedge. 

Buffalo Trace Old Fashion

Buffalo Trace Old Fashion requires 2 oz of Buffalo Trace Bourbon, 1/2 teaspoon of simple syrup, 3 or 4 dashes of bitters, and an orange peel. Add the Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Simple Syrup and Bitters into a glass, add ice and express the oil of the orange peel over the glass and around the glass lip and add to the drink.


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