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Just The Facts: Private Schools & PPP Funds

Many parents throughout the New Orleans Metro Area are trying to figure out what the school year is going to look like, and if school will be in-person or virtual. Private schools in New Orleans can cost more than $20,000 per year and are normally paid in full before school even starts. The fact that some private schools received both tuition and PPP funds may be considered double dipping. Let’s take a look at what the Paycheck Protection Program is and a list of some of the private schools who received the funds.

What Is The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)?

According to the SBA website, “The Paycheck Protection Program is an SBA loan that helps businesses keep their workforce employed during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.” It is a loan designed to provide an incentive for businesses to keep their employees on the payroll. Click HERE for more details.

Which Private Schools Received The PPP Funds And How Much Did They Receive?

The data came from SBA.gov website and includes the range of the amount received by each school. The data that we looked at included funds from $350,000 to $5 million.

Isidore Newman School – $2-$5 Million

Jesuit High School Of New Orleans$2-$5 Million

Metairie Park Country Day School -$2-$5 Million

St. Martin’s Episcopal School$1-$2 Million

Brother Martin High School$1-$2 Million

Louise S. McGehee School$1-$2 Million

Mt. Carmel Academy of N.O. Inc$1-$2 Million

St. George’s Episcopal School$1-$2 Million

St Mary Dominican High School$1-$2 Million

Ursuline Academy of New Orleans – $1-$2 Million

Cabrini High School, Inc$1-$2 Million

St. Paul’s Episcopal School –  $350,000- $1 Million

St. Mary’s Academy Of The Holy Family School –  $350,000- $1 Million

St. Pius X Church And School School –  $350,000- $1 Million

St. Andrew The Apostle School – –  $350,000- $1 Million

St. Augustine High School –  $350,000- $1 Million

St. Michael Special School – $350,000- $1 Million

Stuart Hall School$350,000- $1 Million

Archbishop Chapelle High – $350,000- $1 Million

Archbishop Rummel High School – $350,000- $1 Million

Crescent City Baptist School  –  $350,000- $1 Million

St. Catherine of Siena School – $350,000- $1 Million

St. Francis Xavier School –  $350,000- $1 Million

The Little Red Schoolhouse of Metairie, Inc – –  $350,000- $1 Million

Victory Christian Academy$350,000- $1 Million

Archbishop Shaw High School$350,000- $1 Million

Immaculate Conception Parish School & Church  –  $350,000- $1 Million

St. Rita School$350,000- $1 Million

Arden Cahill Academy$350,000- $1 Million

What are your thoughts about the money received by private schools. Do you think the parents should receive a partial refund for the 2019-2020 year? What are your plans for this upcoming school year?

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