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There Back! Traffic Cameras

In 2019, Mayor LaToya Cantrell eliminated the majority of non-school zone cameras and also limited school zone cameras to operate only during school zone hours. This was a very popular part of her political campaign that many New Orleanians were interested in seeing implemented. By January 1, 2019, 20 of the 31 red light traffic cameras located outside of the schools zones were turned off. But, some cameras might have been turned off and then moved to a school zone and also replaced with mobile units. 

Today, there are lots more cameras on the road that include 11 Speed Enforcement and or Red Light Enforcement,  66 School Zone Enforcement Red Light Traffic Cameras, and not to mention any number of mobile traffic unit traffic cameras. 

Many of the red light cameras were paused because of COVID. But, on September 21, 2020, the City of New Orleans decided to turn back on the red light cameras in schools zones which was quite strange since just about all of the schools in Orleans Parish, during this time, were still virtually learning and not in the class room. 

This certainly begs the question….Are Red Light Cameras really for enhancing public safety or are they just a money grab? 

Mobile Traffic Cameras
Photo Credit: City of New Orleans – Traffic Camera Safety Program

Traffic Cameras & Mobile Traffic Units Information

The locations of the Red Light Traffic Cameras are placed in locations that are designed to enhance public safety. The Mobile Traffic Units are located through the city to “supplement and support traffic enforcement by the NOPD.” The location of the mobile units are based on “requests received from the public, complaints of speeding received from residents, and NOPD Traffic Enforcement input. ” These mobile units may be in a single location of a handful of hours up to a full day. 

Traffic Camera Ticket Price

The ticket price ranges from $75 to $235 per ticket depending on the citation fees outlined in Section 154-1703 of the City Code. 

Speed Over Authorized Speed Limit:

1 through 9 mph – $75

10 through 14 mph – $110

15 through 20 mph – $160

Greater than 20 mph – $235

Disregarding a Red Light $135

Mobile Traffic Cameras Location

If you have been flashed by any of these traffic cameras, most likely you will receive a notice in the mail. The notice will state the date and location of the violation. It will also include the name and address of the person who owns the vehicle and all of the vehicle information. Then, it will state the violation description and the name of the NOPD officer, badge number and the mail date of the violation. There will also be three photos on the violation and one will include an image of the license plate.

Prior to COVID, you could request an in-person hearing, but now you can only make a payment in person. The hearing will be a virtual or video hearing. The virtual hearing process seems a little messy with several possible problems. First you must send in the hearing request form and also send an email to [email protected]. You will apparently receive your hearing login credentials from the email…if it does not get lost in the virtual mail or SPAM filters.  It is also important to note that these notices are from the Photo Safety Program located in Tempe, Arizona…. not even in the state of Louisiana. 

How do you feel about these red light cameras and the virtual hearing process?


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