Creative COVID Song Renditions

Creativity is on the rise in households throughout the world. People are bored, stuck in their homes, but instead of binge-watching television, some individuals are having fun with creating COVID Song renditions that will make you laugh. Computer savvy musicians and singers have taken songs that many of us love and changed the lyrics to express how COVID-19 has impacted their lives. Without further ado, let the show begin with a small compilation of some of the most popular Youtube COVID Song sensations.

We begin this online journey with a song entitled, “Coronavirus Rhapsody,” which is based on Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. With over 1.5 million views, this COVID song renditions is very popular. The vocals are done by Raúl Irabién, Lyrics by Dana Jay Bein, video post production by Daniel Reyes, and audio master by Armando Olabuenaga. Please increase your volume for Coronavirus Rhapsody.

Let’s have a little bit of fun together with the Chris Mann version of the 1979 hit, My Sharona, with this COVID Song rendition called “My Corona.” With over 6.6 Million hits, Chris Mann jokes about toilet paper, Clorox wipes and family quarantining together. Please get your devices synced and and grab a lime for My Corona. 

Let’s start at the very beginning, for it is a very good place to start …. with a musical. Do you remember Do Re Mi from the Sound of Music? If so, we have some new words for you to learn with the Do Re Mi – Covid Song Rendition by Shirley Serban which has over 9.2 million views. So, put on some clean pajamas and head on over to your computer or smart device as we introduce you to the Do Re Mi (Covid Song).

For everyone who is missing Disney, we present to you the Disney Characters in Quarantine by Kurt Tocci! From Aladdin and Frozen to The Little Mermaid, this artist had a lot of fun with a cappella Disney COVID Rendition Songs and home-made costumes. With over 2.4 million views, Kurt Tocci has delighted those young and old(er) with his musical talent and set designs. Grab a drink and snack as we invite you to our magical online Kingdom. 

We hope you have enjoyed our selection of online musical talent. Remember, these are just  small sample of the musical and creative talent that exists on the World Wide Web. If you have a video that you have created, send it to us at at [email protected] and we may share yours to our followers. 

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