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Miss Saigon

The highly acclaimed musical Miss Saigon is coming to New Orleans. Don’t miss the performances at the Seanger Theatre through Sunday, January 26. The Musical tells an epic love story. A young Vietnamese woman named Kim has to work in a bar run by a notorious character known as the Engineer, after she became an orphan because of the war. At the bar Kim meets and falls in love with Chris, an American G.I. . After the fall of Saigon the two get separated. It takes Kim three year to find her way back to Chris, who has no idea that he is the father of her son. The cast will perform Broadway hits including: “The Heat is On in Saigon,” “The Movie in My Mind,” “Last Night of the World” and “American Dream.”

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What You Need To Know

Miss Saigon is part of the Saenger Theatre’s 2019-2020 Hancock Whitney Broadway in New Orleans Series. Tickets start at $48. Performances start on January 21 and will run through January 26th. The Saenger Theatre is located on 1111 Canal Street in Downtown New Orleans.

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