Sunday Fais Do-Do: Cajun Music & Songs

Have a Fais Do-Do at your home. Sunday Fais Do-Do: Cajun Music & Songs will take place on August 30. Join guitarist James DeRoussel and fiddler Greg Champagne as they share Cajun songs and insights into the unique heritage that is French Louisiana. Put on your dancing shoes and come pass a good time.

What You need To Know About Sunday Fais Do-do

 This event will be broadcast live on Zoom and is free. For more information visit:

What Is A Fais Do-Do

A Fais Do-Do is a cajun dance party.

Some say in Cajun French fais do-do (from the French word dormir) means go to sleep. Young mothers would tell their babies Fais Do-Do to get them to fall asleep. When going to a Fais Do-Do to a friend’s house, couples would usually bring their children. They would put the kids to bed upstairs and then have the dance party downstairs.

Others suggest the name Fais Do-Do evolved the dance step called dos-à-dos. (from the French meaning “back to back”) The “Dosado” still is a popular dance step in Western square dancing. For more information visit:

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