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Tips For Your Home Workplace

After a month of being at home, we have gotten into the rhythm of working from home. Some of us are answering emails from the kitchen tables in our pajamas. Others may be trying to schedule in school work between work-related zoom meetings. All the kids are trying their best to keep up with their school work and college work. Yep, we are all getting creative in our scheduling and living where we now work with the rest of the family. But, no matter how you set up “your office,” we have some tips to keep you motivated, organized and prepared to take on the day’s tasks from home in your home workplace.

Tips For At Home Workplace (Kids) | New Orleans Local

Organized Your Desk or Home Workspace

Whether you have a desk or you have taken over the dining room table, keep your home workplace organized. If you need a little help keeping all of your pens and pencils together, go find some of those Mardi Gras cups you have in your kitchen. Most New Orleanians have a lot of them and they are great for helping to keep your writing instruments together. Don’t worry, if this is not your style, there are lots of places that you can order desk organizers online. Just keep everything organized to make sure you keep up with your school work or office projects while at home.

Tips For At Home Workplace - Teenager | New Orleans Local

Don’t Work In The Dark

Depending on where you are working, you may not have enough light or any light at all in your home workplace. If you are working for hours, it is important to make sure you have enough light so you do not strain your eyes. If the chandelier in your dining room or the pin lights in your kitchen are not bright enough, consider adding some more light. Bring in a lamp from your bedroom or change the light bulbs to brighter ones to help brighten up your home workplace.

Personalize Your Home Workplace Area

Make your home workplace area comfortable. Consider adding a photograph or a drawing from your kids. It’s springtime in New Orleans and the flowers are blooming so make a small bouquet and add it to your desk. If you are using a kitchen chair, place a comfortable pillow on the seat. Don’t forget to definitely use a cup with a lid on it, and this goes for the kids too.  You don not want to spill your coffee or your water all over your home workspace.

Tips For At Home Workplace (Dad & Chile) | New Orleans Local

Create An Open Schedule

It is important to create a schedule. Consider using a chalkboard, planner or even a bulletin board to help with the most important things on your “to-do” list. You need to wake up at a reasonable time and get started on the day’s activities. It does not matter if you are a student, parental “teacher,” worker at home, or have nothing that has to be completed, get up and start moving. Make sure to include both work and free time on your schedule. Also, schedule in a little bit of physical activity too.  This will help you keep motivated.

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