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Trumpet Mafia LIVE

Trumpet Mafia LIVE at the Royal Frenchman Hotel

On May 25, 2021, starting at 8pm until 11pm, the Trumpet Mafia will be performing at the Royal Frenchman Hotel. Tickets are $10 (Click HERE for tickets).

The Trumpet Mafia is an outfit formed exclusively from certified bad asses, a collection of the illest trumpeters in all of New Orleans. Best be prepared, because when they come for you, they’re coming for you full force, fingers on the triggers, horns-a-blazing. Theirs is a performance I woulndn’t be caught dead missing…so better you seek shelter in the Royal Frenchmen Courtyard. And reserve your entry early, cause it’s about to go down, and it’s going to be damn good. ~ Website.

Trumpet Mafia LIVE @ The Royal Frenchmen Hotel

Royal Frenchman Hotel and Bar

The Royal Frenchman Hotel is located on 700 Frenchman Street it New Orleans. This hotel is nestled in the historic Creole townhome in the Marigny neighborhood located across the street from the beautiful Washington Square Park. The hotel features local artwork, charming courtyard with a fountain and a great neighborhood bar.

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