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JOAN of ARC Parade

O n January 6th, the Annual Joan of Arc Parade rolls to mark Joan of Arc’s birthday. It’s the same night as Twelfth Night! The annual walking parade has over 400 costumed medieval “characters” representing various people and places, events, and symbols of Joan of Arc’s short but valiant and dramatic life. This year the parade will be extra special since 2020 is the 100th anniversary of Joan becoming an official saint!

The parade usually starts rolling on time at 7 pm sharp, makes a few pauses for a bit of medieval pageantry, and ends around 8:30 pm.

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What You Need To Know

This annual  walking parade is a medieval-themed theatrical procession, inspired by Joan’s time in 1400s France.  As you probably know, Joan of Arc liberated the citizens of Orleans, France, from a British siege in her first victory in 1429—resulting in her moniker “The Maid of Orleans.” The Joan Of Arc Parade honors New Orleans’ unofficial patron saint, The Maid of New Orleans: the beloved  golden French Quarter statue, which was a gift to the City of New Orleans from France in the 1950s, and the city’s French history and heritage. 

Watch for knights, angels, peasants, kings and queens, jesters, stick horses, saints, priests, judges, and several representations of Joan. Collect handmade throws from each battalion, from handcrafted medallions to prayer cards, wooden swords to garden seeds. Enjoy live medieval music, brass bands, drumming, bagpipes, and large-scale puppets and props representing various chapters in Joan’s story.

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