Kenner Discovery Students Wear Blue For World Autism Day

Did you know that Thursday, April 2nd, is World Autism Day 2020? To honor the occasion Kenner Discovery School Students will wear blue and share posts.

Kenner Discovery students, just like students everywhere, are in the thick of online learning. Take a look at the video on top of this story, there you see what happened when second grader Cohen Cusachs got to see his paraprofessional Darvy Soignet for the first time since school closed via computer. Cusachs school was closed down due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Many of our Special Ed students rely on the daily routine of learning and activity we provide at Discovery Schools. This transition has been hard on everyone but especially these students who are trying hard to understand why they can’t go to school and see their amazing teachers and paraprofessionals.  We have made it a priority to provide online learning that can give structure to all Discovery students, especially those like Cohen who rely on it most.”

Chief Executive Officer Patty Glaser.

Thursday, April 2, is World Autism Day. That’s why Discovery Schools staff and students will wear blue and share their photos on social media in support of their fellow autistic students in the Discovery family.  For more information on World Autism Day, go to:

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