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John McDonogh Statue In Lafayette Square Torn Down

The John McDonogh statue in front of Gallier Hall was gone Friday morning. It was toppled from its pedestal overnight. Friday morning police had what’s left of the monument roped off and were investigating.

Picture by Joe Tullos

In the pictures you can still see the children, which were part of the monument reaching up to McDonogh. One of the children had part of the arm broken off.

Picture By Joe Tullos

Thursday evening the statue was still standing.

Picture Taken Thursday Evening 07/09/2020

Just last month, a group of protesters took down the bust of McDonogh in Duncan Plaza and threw it into the Mississippi River.

McDonogh (1779-1850) was an entrepreneur who made his money in real estate and shipping. He was a slave owner. When McDonogh passed away, he left most of his money to the cities of New Orleans and Baltimore to build public schools. He was born in Baltimore.

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